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License: GNU Affero GPL version 3

Latest Version: 2.0 beta 1

Project Status: Active

Using PHP and the jQuery JavaScript library, quizzy provides a simple way to add a nice looking quiz to a webpage. It reads quiz information from an XML file stored in the quizzy directory and loads the quiz piece-by-piece using AJAX to decrease its loading time impact on the page and to prevent cheating by examining the source of the page.

That is not a screen capture to the left, it is a fully usable instance of quizzy version 2.0 beta 1.

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quizzyBuilder Preview


License: GNU Affero GPL version 3

Latest Version: 2.0

Project Status: Active

Since not all users of quizzy are likely to be well-versed in creating XML files from scratch, quizzyBuilder was created to make the process of creating a quiz for quizzy easier. It presents to the user a series of collapsible forms that define the questions of their quiz and when they are done their quiz can be downloaded as an XML file with the click of a button.

quizzyBuilder 2.0 cannot create quizzes that use the new features of quizzy-2.0. A re-write is planned.

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zoidberg engine Preview

the zoidberg engine

License: GNU GPL version 3

Latest Version: 0.5

Project Status: Stalled

Started as a project for a Software Engineering course in college, the zoidberg engine (zbe) intends to provide an easy-to-use platform game engine for the Nintendo DS console. The design goal of zbe is to allow people to create full-featured games using the engine without doing any programming, only defining the game graphics, level design, and cinematic triggers that make up the game and exporting them into a custom binary file that is read by zbe to generate the game.

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tesSyn Preview


License: GNU GPL version 3

Latest Version: 1.0

Project Status: Complete

texSyn was completed as a project for a Graphics Programming class in College and implements the algorithm described by Li-Yi Wei and Marc Levoy which takes a 'seed' texture image, like the one next to the preview above, and attempts to generate a much larger, unique texture image based off of the pattern defined by the 'seed'.

The preview to the left is texSyn generating a unique texture based off of the seed image above.


nerorip Preview


License: GNU GPL version 3

Latest Version: 0.4

Project Status: Active

Born of the frustration of being unable to burn Nero Burning Rom disc images under Linux, nerorip is a UNIX shell utility written in C that is modeled after cdirip and can be used to extract the individual tracks from a Nero image file into corresponding ISO or WAV files. These files can then be burned using cdrecord, k3b, or any other burning program.

The icon used above is derived from an icon made by deleket. Thanks!